I have been having lots of fun this last week going back through the 300 or so photos I took during my weekend in Prague. There is just so much beauty in that city: the architecture, the landscape, the history, the people, the art.


This is my friend Candace, my very gracious hostess, standing next to one of David Cerny’s babies. (I apologise for not being able to figure out how to put the correct accent marks on his name). Candace was great about pointing out several of his pieces throughout the weekend as we made our way through so many different areas of Prague. One of my goals after editing these photos is to read up more on Cerny and his work.










Candace is a friend from my journalism teaching days. She has been a mentor to me in many ways over the years, helping me help my students as well as helping me to be a better teacher and journalist. On this trip, she taught me loads about Prague and the Czech Republic. And I even got to practice my night photography skills.





This is one of my favourite night shots. We spent about half an hour adjusting settings and taking turns with the tripod to figure out the star light-flare on the street lamps. This scene on the Charles Bridge at night is pretty magical. So we were pretty excited once we figured out how to capture it with our equipment. There may have been a few high fives or shouts of joy.







Even though the night was gorgeous, there was plenty of beauty by daylight as well.  I’m pretty sure the trees were turning their autumn colours while I was visiting last weekend. As we walked up to the castle and monastery, and back down again, we couldn’t help but stop and snap some shots of the trees and hillside.



Obviously I can’t share all 300 of the photos I took in one post; I can’t even share the 119 I’m really happy with. But I’ll finish this post with a few more of my favourites of the sites and people. And later on this week, I’ll add a gallery of the final project on the galleries page.