I was inspired this morning while running some shopping errands in Kingston Market. I’ve been reading a great photography blog called Photography Concentrate. And in a recent lesson about documenting your own life, they talked about picking up your camera for 5 minutes. I didn’t have my nice DSLR with me this morning, but I did have my iPhone. So here are 5 minutes in Kingston Market with Colin.


We chose a nice table in between the stalls on the market where we could hear the Christmas music.


Colin loved sitting in the chair like a big kid, but I don’t think he was as impressed with the pigeons and people walking past our table.


We both loved the cinnamon sugar pretzel. And Colin topped off his big kid experience with drinking straight from the water bottle.


After a snack, we had some time to wander around the stalls dancing to the music and discovering giant nutcrackers.

I wish I had someone with me to capture the end of our adventure when Colin went boneless and screamed as I tried to put him back in the buggy. Alas, I only have two hands, not quite enough to wrangle a child and take a photo.

This little adventure is so typical of how we spend our days, and now I have a few photos to document the experience. It reminded me that the nicely planned photo shoots are great, but it’s also nice to grab some shots of life as we’re living it.