Heather contacted me about a photoshoot as a Father’s Day gift for her husband. He is not normally a fan of professional photo sessions, but she thought he’d be happy with my style of working around their family without posing or giving direction. I’m happy to report that he enjoyed our morning out in Bushy Park, and they were all happy with the resulting photos too. My record of happy husbands and dads at photo sessions remains intact.

Heather, James and their two lovely boys are an active family that love to ride bikes, climb trees, and just generally muck about finding adventure together. And that’s exactly what they did on our photo session morning. I took them to one of my favourite spots in Bushy Park which they hadn’t known about previously. Check out how much fun they had.

If you have a reluctant photo dad or husband in your life and you’d like to update your family photos, please contact me.