It’s the end of February, and I’m at that point where I’m struggling to get through to bedtime each day. February is always like this for me. We’ve gotten through the holidays, and we’ve resettled into our routines. School runs, laundry, cooking, shopping, work, bedtimes. I find myself mindlessly going through the motions as I try to make it to the days when the weather gets a bit warmer and the sun is out a bit more. I just need to make it to Easter, and then fun things start happening again.

It is a bit of a drag, and if I’m not careful, I end up really grumpy and not fun to be around. And worst of all, I miss the opportunity to enjoy the life I’m living. Isn’t there a saying that life happens when you are making other plans?

This weekend, I made an effort to be happy. I decided to focus in on little things my children are doing that make me smile and that I want to remember. These days, for Jack, it’s his love of drawing. I have lost count of the number of notebooks he has with drawings from our adventures in them. He also loves to draw his ideas for inventions and  how he thinks things work. For Reid, it’s his budding independence and personality. He’s breaking out on his own much more lately. Sometimes that means running away and seeing how far he can get, other times its sharing the things he’s learned with me so I can know them too. And Colin, at 1 and a half, is talking and communicating so much lately, and he loves to join in whatever others are doing, especially unloading the dishwasher.

So I picked up my camera this weekend to capture images to tell these stories. Here are a few of my favourites.





The fact of the matter is, we can’t make exciting experiences happen every day. There will always be laundry, and school, and sleep deprivation. I will make it to Easter, and I’ll do it by focusing on the little joys in between loads of wash. After all, this is our life!

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