It’s been a really long time since I brought a baby home for the first time. over 8 years in fact. So my photo session with sweet Emma and her parents, Shannon and Gareth, brought back so many wonderful memories.


Shannon and Gareth are such adoring parents to Emma. It wasn’t very hard to get shots of them looking lovingly down at her, taking in all her sweet tininess. And in those first days and weeks, isn’t that what it’s all about? Studying each other, getting to know one another, learning how to respond to one another.



Of course, life with a newborn is filled with lots of new to-dos, like nappy-changes and feedings. And as soon as you think you’ve got the schedule figured out, it changes.




When I delivered the prints to Shannon last week, we both noticed how much little Emma has already grown and changed since those first few days. And Mum and Dad have too. They’ve settled into the routine as a family of three. And I’m pretty sure Emma’s got it made.