Family Style | A documentary project

Welcome to Family Style, my 2016 documentary project taking a look at how people feed their families. Preparing and eating meals is a daily necessity, but it is also an event steeped in routine, tradition, and culture. As a mother and wife, I can not count the number of conversations I have had about what foods to cook, how to establish a routine or healthy habit, or just which meals stand out as favourites. And for as many differences as I have come across, I have learned how much I have in common with other people preparing meals.

So my goal for this project is to explore how we go about this necessary daily ritual of feeding the ones we love. I want to discover which foods we choose to serve, what the act of eating look like, and what this lets us know about our lives.

I hope you enjoy these windows into our homes and our families as much as I enjoy documenting them.

If you want to be part of this project, I’d love to include you. Just click here to send me a message and I can get you the details!

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