It’s Halloween, which means big fun at our house. My boys love to dress up, and they love to carve pumpkins, and they love candy. So before the sun went down today, I grabbed a few shots of our Halloween traditions.

We love to pick out and carve pumpkins. This year, I almost ruined it by waiting too long to buy the pumpkins! Luckily, Marks and Spencers still had a few good sized ones yesterday. The boys like to draw the designs, and then Steve or I cut them out. It’s a nice, messy activity that keeps us busy for at least an hour.


Even Colin got involved this year trying to help clean out the gooey insides with a spoon.


The final result!


Once the pumpkins are carved, it’s time to get dressed up. As you can see, we’re big Star Wars fans at our house. This year, we have a storm trooper, Jengo Fett, and Yoda ready to trick or treat the neighbours.


And what would Halloween be without the candy! Hopefully the boys won’t try to immediately eat every piece they collect tonight. Maybe they’ll even save a Reese’s or two for mom 😉

I know my boys love to look back at the pictures from years past to see what costumes they wore and who they trick-or-treated with. That’s the beauty of photography, we can do it so easily!

What traditions does your family have that you love to photograph? What holiday memories do you like to revisit with your kiddos? Feel free to share your ideas below!