When your parents live over the ocean, a visit with them becomes instantly more precious, and even more so once you have your own children.

I was so delighted, and honoured, to be able to document a part of Yan Yan’s parents’ visit at the beginning of March. They were over for a visit from Canada. Yan Yan and Alex’s son was just about 14 months old, and he had just started to do the wobbly balance/stand and take his first steps. He was loving having his grandparents around to play with just as much as they were loving being with him!


Let’s be honest, the kids in our lives are downright cute and do some pretty adorable things. I mean look at the clapping?! So much so, that we tend to ignore the adults in the room. But I love the photo above because you can see, and feel, the joy from both grandson and grandmother.

I think it’s important to capture the adults in our lives just as much as it is to capture our kiddos. And when was the last time you had your photo taken with your parents? That was part of our goal in this session too. Moms and Dads are such a large part of our story, and we deserve to have those memories captured too.


Watching Yan Yan with her parents made me excited about my own parents coming to visit soon. There are conversations and interactions and connections that can only happen in person. And lucky me, as the photographer I was able to observe and capture some of those moments!


Of course, Yan Yan is a mother too, and you can see the beautiful relationship she has with her little boy. It was so clear that she is following in her own mother’s footsteps.


I know Yan Yan and Alex and little L really enjoyed their time with Yan Yan’s parents. I mean just look at these happy faces!


If you are having family or friends in for a visit and would like a photo session to remember those special moments, click here to contact me and we can start talking about ideas and dates!