That’s my mother-in-law, my husband, and my oldest son at the end of a wonderful day showing her around our new hometown, London. This picture is going to be on display in our home now, where we’ll all get to enjoy and relive the busy day when we walked over 6 miles around this amazing city.

My story with photography starts with a Kodak Extralite. I was so excited to take that camera on the sixth grade camping trip. I could load the film myself, I could work the flash. I thought I had it made. I still have the packets of blurry photos of my friends at the talent show and hanging out in the teepee from that trip. Even though those photos weren’t the frame worthy prints I’d hoped for, I was hooked on taking pictures to capture the story of my adventures.

I’ve been taking pictures of my family and friends for ages, but always just for fun. This business is my excuse to get out and help other people capture their moments. I want you to be able to have photos of your loved ones hanging on your walls. I want you to experience reliving the joyous moments while you continue making new ones.