With three children, it’s not often that I get the opportunity to explore and travel on my own. But this weekend, I am taking advantage of an opportunity and heading out to Prague. I’m so excited. I’m charging the camera batteries, I’ve been reading up on my Czech history, and I’ve even started packing my bag!


When we travel as a family, I find myself snapping away at the boys playing and exploring the new environment. And then once we are back, we all have fun looking at them and remembering the fun details of where we were.

To the left, you can see Jack doing his version of parkour in Grassmarket in Edinburgh. He did this for about 15 minutes and only stopped because we were going to a show. But this photo also tells a bit of the story of Jack’s childhood, his energy and risk-taking nature. He’s not afraid to interact with his environment.
kbp-12-2014-Barrett_Heidelberg-0091To the right, you can see Reid enjoying the raised viewing platform next to the ice rink in Heidelberg, Germany. He ran and jumped around here while we waited for Steve to buy Nutella crepes. The story of Reid’s enjoyment of even the littlest bits of life is evident here.

I love to travel because I love to learn new things and experience new things. But I also realise travel is so much more than that for me. I relish the experience while I’m in it, and then I enjoy it over and over again as I look back at my pictures and retell the stories of the adventures. Traveling adds so much happiness to my life.

So, as I head off to Prague, I won’t have my children to rely on as photo subjects. Instead, I’m going to hone in on my street and landscape photography skills and see what kind of fun stories I can bring back to share. Come on back next week and check out what I find!

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