Colin squealed with excitement each time they swam passed him through the tank. He then turned around to see if I had seen the penguin too. And with a huge laughing grin, he turned back towards the tank quickly so he wouldn’t miss the next penguin to swim by.

Three months ago, we took Colin and his brothers to the London Zoo to celebrate his second birthday. I’m just now getting around to editing the photos.

This is how life works, isn’t it? We make the big plans, we enjoy the moment, then the follow-up actions get set aside for another day.

I had at least half a dozen conversations with my husband trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the big 2. I shopped around for a few weeks making sure I had enough presents. I made a chocolate cake from scratch!

And Colin had a great birthday. He loved the cake, he loved his presents, and he loved exploring the zoo with his brothers.

But then it happened, I moved on to the next big thing on the calendar, and I kept procrastinating editing and printing the photos. This step could wait, I had summer holidays to plan. Eventually I’d get it done and get the album put together so we could look back and enjoy the memories of Colin’s second birthday.

But the truth is, I’m busy making the next big plans and living life. That’s the way life works. As much as we love reminiscing and swimming around in the joy that nostalgia brings, we don’t always prioritise getting those photos printed or hung on the wall to do so. And if I didn’t have a photography business, I probably wouldn’t have edited those photos this week.

I love making beautiful albums for my clients because I love seeing how happy they are when they can hold those photos in their hands and enjoy them. But I put myself last. I’ll get to my family’s photos later.

Well, today, I’m sending in these photos from Colin’s 2nd birthday trip to the zoo. I’m going to hang a couple of those penguin pictures in his room so we can enjoy that moment every time we see them.

So go take 30 minutes and print off those photos of that recent fun family outing you have on your phone. When you get the prints, put them out where you and your family can enjoy them.

Of course, email me so we can talk about the photos and stories you’d love to have, and I’ll make it super easy to have a keepsake photo book that your whole family will enjoy.

Do you like what you see?

Please get in touch to talk about the details of your story and how your photo session will work.

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